Classic small batch fudge made the old school way! As a newly retired couple, Bart and Bobbie knew of the challenges retirement could bring, like what to do with so much spare time on their hands? Well, it didn’t take long! Year after year since the early 1970s and during the winter holidays you would hear exclamations throughout holiday gatherings, "IS THAT BART'S FUDGE!?". We knew it was special and now this famous fudge is available for everyone to enjoy! It's simply the best. 

Bart is a retired general contractor who worked throughout the Sacramento Valley. Bart and Bobbie are both born and raised in Sacramento and Bart's family owned a small grocery store in midtown Sacramento where he grew up stocking the shelves of the store. He would sneak cans of chocolate syrup and that is when his chocolate obsession began!

Bart's Fudge is enjoyed by chocolate lovers and even non fudge lovers enjoy it. Great for holidays, dessert, picnics, as a gift - our fudge pairs with coffee, ruby and tawny ports, fruit and the perfect companion for s'mores